Marry my own brother's wife

Marry my brother’s wife

Marry my own elder brother’s wife

I never thought I would have to marry my brother’s wife.

But I had to accept the situation and get married.  Now I am standing on the roof of the house. Shortly after, my 1st flower arrangement night. Not just me, but me and my brother’s wife. ( My brother’s wife’s name is Mira, But unfortunately, she is now my wife )

Marry by brother' Wife
Marry my own brother’s wife
Now she is no longer my brother’s wife. But my concern is with Nila.
 Nila is my girlfriend’s name. Whom I fell in love with at first sight.  And then she fell in love with me more than her life.  What should I tell Nila now? Will Nila accept that?
My boy, are you standing here now?  ‘Go home’ Hearing the voice of my mother’s voice, I turned back and sighed.
 – Are you upset?  – No, mother, that’s my responsibility.
Yes!  Go home (Mom Said)
 I came down from the roof of the house.  I am standing in front of the door of the room.
 Can’t think what to do?  I pushed the door and entered the room.
 I entered the room and saw Mira by the window Sitting and looking outside.
I asked for the attention of Mira, and Mira looked at me. Mira’s eyes are quite cool.
How is it possible The girl can stop himself?
– How did you come to Kabbo? (My name is kabob) Where was it so long? (Said calm voice)
– I was on the roof of the house. What do you stand in the window? Still sleep?
-Nah, how to sleep? (I’m talking about the neck)
– I did not say anything.
– Kabbo! Why is that happening to me? What wrong I did do? Immediately there was a cry of smoke.
Me: Please don’t cry!
 Mira: I ruined your life too.  What will you answer Nila now?
(I used to talk about Nila to Mira)
Me:  You have no guilt.  Please don’t blame yourself.
 Mira is crying.
 Me Please don’t cry.  Go to sleep  It’s been a long night.
Mira: All right. Mira said with a broken throat.
Mira crouched down on the bed.
 I stood by the window. I comforted Mira very well.  How do I calm myself now?
 Nila will not think me a cheater? What do I do now? What do I have to do?
Standing by the window, I was thinking about Nila.
Will Nila believe me?  What to do Can I now?
Suddenly I felt the touch of my hand on my shoulder. I looked back and saw Mira.
 Mira: You were thinking about Nila?
 I shook my head.
 Me: Haven’t you slept yet?
 Mira – No, I lost my sleep that day  Since the day your elder brother Nishan is missing. (My elder brother’s name is Nishan Ahmed)  My Brother went missing 4/5 months ago today. Brother could not be found even after many searches.  I do not know where the big brother is!
I did not say anything, I looked out the window.
Mira: Can you introduce me to Nila?
Me: Why?
Mira: Don’t be afraid  I will not do anything  I will explain everything to Nila.  Does Nila know?
 Me: I don’t know, Maybe he knows.
Mira: Don’t worry, I’ll explain Nila. Let me meet with Nila.
Then I remained silent for a while.
Me: You love Nishan very much, don’t you, Mira?
 Mira just looked at me. The tears are gone.
 After Nishan went missing, Mira was going mad.
Has gradually become normal.  Mira cried every night.  I could understand when I saw the eyes in the morning.
Mira: I stood between you and Nila, didn’t I?
Me: No, it’s not your fault.
It is very important to support you at this time.  And that is my responsibility.  (I said with a smile on my face)

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